Breathe, Move, Love

Breathe, Move, Love

Breathe, Move, LoveBreathe, Move, LoveBreathe, Move, Love

About Llama Mama

Marilee L. Rosensweig, M. Ed., RYT-200

Marilee spent nearly twenty years working in Emergency Medical Services as a Paramedic, Educator, and Researcher.  

One day she called a yoga studio because “she felt she needed it.”  She was taking time off work after experiencing a miscarriage, and her husband serving in the Navy had just deployed.  She needed something to do and some exercise, preferably something she could continue when she went back to work.

Marilee found more in yoga than she ever imagined.  Strength and endurance.  Perseverance.  A mental break from the stress and chaos of her day.  Relaxation and rejuvenation.  Mental clarity.  Appreciation for her (imperfect and curvy) body.  Love for herself.  ”It wasn’t always bliss, in fact, most of the time it was hot, sweaty, and frustrating . . . my body wasn’t slender like the other women and what looked easy to them . . . was hard. Some days I dragged (and bribed) myself to the studio, but every time . . . as long as I showed up, I felt better.  Sometimes even amazing.”

Marilee is now a stay at home wife & mum, completely in love with her husband and son.  She is relishing in the time she has to watch him learn and grow.  

 In trying to figure a way for her to continue her yoga practice, continue to teach (this time teach yoga), and somehow include her son , , , Llama Mama Yoga emerged.  

Marilee excited to share yoga with other mommies and babies!

William Atticus Rosensweig

William Atticus is truly a blessing in the lives of his mum and dad.  So far he has come to enjoy some of the finer things life has to offer . . . cuddles, love, and yoga!