Breathe, Move, Love

Breathe, Move, Love

Breathe, Move, LoveBreathe, Move, LoveBreathe, Move, Love

Why Yoga?

Yoga for Everyone and Every Body

Yoga is for you. Slender or curvy; it is for you.  Coordinated or not; it is for you.  Flexible or stiff; it is for you.  

Yoga is a practice honoring your body in the moment while building strength and flexibility.  

Yoga for Your Soul

Yoga has been shown to increase one's happiness, self-esteem, and inner-strength.  

Yoga for Your Mind

Yoga teaches you to take a mental break to focus on your breathing and movement.  It allows for mindfulness, meditation, and clarity.  



Studio ONE

Classes are held at Studio ONE located at 314 N. Irwin St. in downtown Hanford, California.  Studio ONE is a Body, Mind, and Soul Collective.